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The same was true for occupation, with managerial and professional jobs accounting for 29 per cent, and 33 per cent blue-collar workers, for example.Couples who saw themselves as being together for the long haul were divided into categories by the researchers.Nicola, 45, was representative of those previously married or cohabiting. We both want to be very sure, but I see us as living together eventually.’ Wendy Hollway and Tony Jefferson, both retired academics, have been together for 20 years, each living in their own family home 50 miles apart in Yorkshire.For two and a half years she and her partner have lived a 15-minute drive apart, meeting five times a week. They are clear it is a good way for them to sustain and nurture a strong, loving bond.They see autonomy and individuality at the heart, while wanting intimacy and commitment.

Many of the LATs surveyed were young and hoped to live together (31 per cent).I had been in a relationship with a man who became stickily attached, and I couldn’t bear it.’ Both had been single for a long time and both enjoy their own company.Furthermore, there are 'profound differences’ in their tastes. They acknowledge they are 'privileged’ to have, as Wendy says, 'been able to live a lifestyle with two sets of bills and the cost of travel to see each other’. 'I didn’t envisage Wendy and me living together full-time,’ Tony says.Thirty per cent were LATs from choice ('preference’), where both or one partner wanted to live apart; 19 per cent cited 'constraint’, meaning they might have liked to share a home, but circumstances made it impossible or extremely difficult (perhaps the accommodation was unsuitable); 12 per cent were 'situational’, regarding their lifestyle choice as the best they could make in their circumstances, and eight per cent were unclassifiable.The remainder were those who, the researchers found, cited a combination of reasons for the choice.

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