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Being HIV positive has changed her life completely.She got divorced, lost her restaurant job and has to take medicine and try to cope with serious side effects every day.Even in the US, medication to control HIV would cost Vincent about ,000, "which is just a little less than my monthly salary, so it would effectively wipe me out", he said.

A total of 59 countries, territories and regions across the globe have some form of entry restriction for HIV-infected visitors, while some countries in Asia - Singapore and Malaysia included - will deport foreigners who test positive, according to a 2009 report by the United Nation's AIDS program, UNAIDS.

In this video, Carlos Douh explains Chok , and it is an adjectival phrase used to describe people, usually guys, who always think about sex.

which refers to thinking almost solely about one thing, with that one thing usually being sex.

"Although the Disability Discrimination Ordinance passed last year made discriminating against AIDS patients illegal, employers will find other excuses to fire them," said Fung at the St. Vincent said he chose not to tell the school where he works he is HIV positive because of that reason.

"I want people, both those who live with HIV and those who don't, to realize that it's no longer a death sentence but perfectly manageable," he said.

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