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Normally I would collect them and leave them in their boxes in mint condition. This RC Tracked Racer reminds me of those RC vehicles that I played with when I was a kid 30 years ago. It is easy to build yet provides a very enjoyable experience, what's more is the play-ability afterward.

It would be great if Lego started using 2.4Ghz radio for their rc equipment and maybe offer it as an upgrade to infrared sets.

This set also comes with a brick celebrating 40 years of Lego Technic which you can see in the photos. I am not a big Technic enthusiast (I have a few rather smaller and simpler Technic sets) but this set looked simple enough and the price looked good to me.

Also it has very good $$ values, for it's price it comes with 2 M-motors, 1 battery box, 1 sensor and 1 remote.

I highly recommend this set to everyone who wants to 'interact' with their Lego.

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