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Greg and Devin's experience meshed well with mine since I'm essentially the blackface/silverface amp guy (amps made between 19) in the group.Additionally, Greg and Devin also had data that they had been collecting from Fender amps for years. Everything is confidential, we don't make record of who owns what amp in the database.

only Fender amps, and single handedly has submitted well over 250 very complete sets of data.Likewise, the brown/blonde Tremolux, Concert, Vibrasonic, Twin, Pro, Super, Vibrolux, Showman, Dual Showman, and Bandmaster used a sequential numbering independent of model, but as with Fender guitars, these were not used consecutively. The 1956 to 1963 Champ, Harvard, Princeton, Deluxe; the 1956 to 1960 Vibrolux, the 1956 to 1964 Bassman, and all the tube reverb units have their own serialization scheme.The Champ has a "C" prefix, the Harvard an "H" prefix, the Princeton a "P" prefix, the Vibrolux a "F" prefix, and the Deluxe a "D" prefix.Preliminary results show that we're on the right track.Here's a couple of examples using the tweed Deluxe (model 5E3) and the Super Reverb/Bandmaster Reverb. Model Year D05108 Deluxe 1958 D05160 Deluxe 1958 D06528 Deluxe 1958 D07036 Deluxe 1959 D07115 Deluxe 1959 D07418 Deluxe 1959 D08325 Deluxe 1959 D08913 Deluxe 1959 D09014 Deluxe 1959 D09338 Deluxe 1960 D09399 Deluxe 1960 D09524 Deluxe 1960 A27769 Super Reverb 1967 A27796 Super Reverb 1967 A29591 Super Reverb 1968 A31057 Super Reverb 1968 A31079 Bandmaster Reverb 1968 A32839 Super Reverb 1968 A32841 Super Reverb 1968 A34448 Super Reverb 1968 A37667 Super Reverb 1969 A37949 Bandmaster Reverb 1969 A40130 Bandmaster Reverb 1969 A41569 Super Reverb 1969 So, with the knowledge gained thus far, we feel that Fender tube amps can be dated by serial number.

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