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Deniro Marketing was identified earlier this year by noted security researcher Brian Krebs as being tied to a “porn-pimping spam botnet..

Advertisement “The accounts either engage directly with a target by quoting one of their tweets or attracting targets to the payload visible on their profile bio or pinned tweet,” Zero FOX reports. ” The tweets further included links to affiliate programs—web pages that typically redirect users to other adult websites.

Advertisement Zero FOX’s research into SIREN offers a rare glimpse into how efficient scammers have become at bypassing Twitter’s anti-spam techniques.

Likewise, many of the “dating” websites are themselves scams, chiefly comprised of fake female profiles which encourage visitors to sign up for paid subscriptions with promises of lame cybersex and nudes.

The bullshit accounts were first identified by Zero FOX, a Baltimore-based security firm that specializes in social-media threat detection.A fun, popular site that offers clean Webcam and text chat for teenagers.Our chat room sharing include sharing pictures by uploading or linking to them.The researchers dubbed the botnet “SIREN” after sea-nymphs described in Greek mythology as half-bird half-woman creatures whose sweet songs often lured horny, drunken sailors to their rocky deaths. Further, it demonstrates how effective these types of botnets can be: The since-deleted accounts collectively generated upwards of 30 million clicks—easily trackable since the links all used Google’s URL shortening service.While it seems unlikely that Deniro Marketing created the fake accounts itself, it may have contracted a third party—likely located somewhere in Russia or Eastern Europe—to spread the links for them.

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