Dating a well known interior designer

Designers work with the structural aspects of a space—like where to put electrical fixtures—and only at the end of the process do they focus on aesthetics, like paint or curtains. CONS: Working with budget and deadline constraints,dealing with difficult clients, not having any time to design your own house! It's never too soon to start working on skills that'll help you break into the field. HONE YOUR DESIGN SKILLS: Take lots of art classes to improve your sketching ability.

If your school offers them,take art history, architecture,and/or drafting classes too.

It has a feeling of a ‘boudoir’ and is very sensual." The design process for fashion and interiors meanwhile, isn't as different as you might think according to Gaultier, who explains: "I only know how to design clothes, so in a way I 'dressed' the furniture.

When I design my couture and prêt-à-porter collections, of course I supervise everything.

He proposed to her while they were on a trip in Paris during their midnight picnic. The couple wanted their wedding to be a night to remember.

And with the Sergio Flores who played the saxophone wearing just leather pants, a cheese cake consisting of Brie, Munster, Gruyere and other cheese instead of serving standard sweet cake they certainly succeeded.

"One finds my three big loves in this collection," he croons, "corsets, sailor stripes and tattoos.SNAG AN INTERNSHIP: Have your college career center help match you up with a design firm for an internship.You'll gain valuable experience (like learning Auto CAD, an interior design and architecture software program) and make potential job contacts. How much you make depends on whether you design residential properties(like homes for individuals) or commercial properties (stores, hotels,or other business-related spaces). ASSISTANT DESIGNER: Starting out at an established firm,you can expect to make about ,000–,000 a year.GET INVOLVED: Join a college chapter of ASID or IIDA to network with other aspiring designers and learn more about the field. (FYI: Most designers get jobs at existing firms first.As they gain experience,they often work as independent contractors and can make more money.)SENIOR DESIGNER: At an established firm, expect to make ,000–0,000; if you head up or own your own firm, 0,000 plus!

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